Exterior Lifts

//Exterior Lifts

Exterior Lifts

Below we have featured a few of the lifts that we carry.
Contact a mobility specialist today to find out which one is right for your needs and vehicle.

Chariot Lift

Click to see the Chariot in action!

{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Chariot Lift| thumb=|images/stories/youtube/extlifts/ytchariot.png| size=|854 505| album=|youtube|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlLqeUpx0Ew&feature=plcp&context=C355f0d2UDOEgsToPDskJJ0MPKLOxuWRVUEjr95Syz{/rokbox}

  • Fully Powered with effortless one button operation
  • 350 lb/160 kg lifting capacity
  • Drive on/off either side of platform – no reversing necessary
  • Independent wheels that swivel and suspension
  • Running/brake lights and turn signals
  • Works with existing car battery
  • Manual backup system
  • Includes securement straps for safety
  • Standard Class I or II trailer hitch required

PUL 1100 Outrider

Click to see the Outrider in action!

{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Outrider| thumb=|images/stories/youtube/extlifts/ytoutrider.png| size=|854 505| album=|youtube|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN3CN2e71_A&feature=channel{/rokbox}

  • Fully powered making lifting and storing your chair or scooter nearly effortless
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Safe and reliable
  • No structural modifications to your truck
  • Large variety of lift arm lengths to ensure the lift will work with your truck
  • Can be reinstalled in your next pickup

Out-Sider Meridian

Click to see the Out-Sider Meridian in action!

{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Out-Sider Meridian| thumb=|images/stories/youtube/extlifts/ytoutsidermeridian.png| size=|854 505| album=|youtube|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cffyUhYXxKM{/rokbox}

  • One button operation
  • Fully powered making loading and unloading easy
  • 350 lb. lifting capacity
  • Safe and reliable
  • Drive on platform with entrance on either side
  • Automatically secures scooter or chair once loaded onto lift
  • No structural modification to your vehicle

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