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Hand Controls

Hand Controls

Hand controls, steering aids, and other driving accessories are designed to help provide you with the ability to safely and comfortably operate your vehicle.  These products are designed not only to help you, but to also ergonomically support your physical needs.  We offer steering devices, electronic control systems, left and right side controls, and many other tools to help assist you in the operation of your vehicle.

MPS Hand Controls

  • Right Angle
  • Push/Pull
  • Push Rock
  • Brake Only

Menox Hand Controls

  • Standard
  • Standard Plus
  • Multifunction

Left Foot Gas Pedal

  • Allows the driver to accelerate with the left foot
  • Installed on the left side
  • Mechanically linked to the original manufacturers pedal
  • The Pedal Guard shields the original pedal, making it inoperable

Desensitized Steering

Whether you suffer from tendinitis or you have a disability that limits your strength or range of motion, reduced effort or low effort steering can be the difference in your ability to easily and safely operate your vehicle.

Have a trained Mobility Specialist evaluate you and help you to determine the best solution to help aid in your driving experience.

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