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Putting you in the Driver’s Seat

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To lead the most active life you can, you probably want a vehicle. You can buy a new one with adaptive equipment customized to your needs, a used vehicle that is customized for you or you can have equipment added to the family car or van.

The decision to buy new or used really depends on your finances, but the most important thing is that the vehicle be designed to fit your individual requirements.

Buy locally. When you buy from a National Mobility Equipment Dealer in your area, you can see, feel and try out the product, meet the owner and shake their hand. You will also receive an in-person evaluation before your purchase so you can be sure you�re getting the right solution customized to your needs. This doesn�t hold true with an internet-only business.

If you buy over the internet, the person on the other end can�t see you, can�t do an in-person evaluation and can�t fully understand your disability and needs. Plus, you can�t see them. Like a handshake, face-to-face interaction leads to trust and you�re making a large purchase.

If you must buy online, make sure in advance, in writing, that you can refuse delivery of the vehicle and receive a full refund if, upon delivery, you find the vehicle doesn�t fit your needs, fails to meet reasonable expectations or doesn�t match the description provided by the internet seller.

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