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Honda Element

Honda Element

{tab=Description}The Honda Element is one of the best-looking sport utility vehicles on the market, and our X-WAV wheelchair accessible conversion does nothing to hinder the Element’s sporty good looks. In fact, to the untrained eye, a converted Element looks nearly identical to an unconverted one. It isn’t until the doors open and the wheelchair ramp unfolds that people are treated to the true nature of the Handicap Accessible X-WAV Honda Element Conversion: An extremely stylish handicap and wheelchair accessible vehicle provides an alternative to a wheelchair van and screams “Freedom” in every sense of the word.



  • 10″ lowered dropped floor wing.
  • Full reinforced lowered frame with built in safety cage.
  • 1 Removable easy click-in universal fit seat.
  • Full Commercial grade flooring in lowered floor area.
  • 4 Point Wheelchair tie down system.
  • Manual includes manual wheelchair ramp and door systems with lightweight easy open ramp.
  • Automatic includes 10″ full dropped floor with remote controlled automatic ramp, automatic front and rear doors using our exclusive auto-entry hydraulic system.
  • Full lowered floor driver has a wheelchair ramp and power doors on drivers’ side.
  • Full lowered floor passenger side has wheelchair ramp and power doors on passenger side.

{tab=Photos}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Drivers Side Conversion| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/117487p1.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Passenger Side Conversion| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/hondacon.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Interior| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/hondaint.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Passenger Side Conversion| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/hondaspec.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Progression| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/images.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Honda Element :: Passenger Side Conversion| size=|561 350| album=|hondaelement|}images/stories/hondaelement/ppd6e89b4b.jpg{/rokbox}{/tabs}

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