Mobility SVM

{tab=Description}The Mobility SVM truck conversion is perfect for people who want to continue driving a pickup without having to transfer out of their wheelchair. The door and wheelchair lift slides out approx. 36″, allowing for it to be parked in many standard spaces and garages. The conversion can accommodate wheelchairs up to 28″ wide and has 54″ of clearance entering the vehicle and 57″ inside.

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  • GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado truck conversion (pre-built)
  • 1500 Series and 2500 Series models available
  • 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive options
  • Seating for up to 5 passengers
  • Standard lift capacity of 750 lb (higher weights optional)
  • 30-second load time
  • Viper remote start, entry and alarm system with 2000 ft. range
  • Rust-proofing, paint and fabric protection
  • 3 yr/36,000 warranty on most conversion components
  • Towing capacity for boats and trailers
  • 400+ HP larger engine options
  • Driver-side and passenger side conversions

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{tab=Description}The Ryno conversion is available for either a driver or a passenger, on both 2WD and 4WD chassis. It utilizes the interior lift, RSL-100 and allows the user to drive or ride right from their wheelchair. Conversions are available in both the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra extended cab trucks. You can choose a 1500, 2500, or even a 3500 dually.

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  • GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado truck conversion
  • 1500, 2500 and 3500 Series models available
  • Lowered floor
  • Removable Seats
  • Driver-side and passenger side conversions

{tab=Photos}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: 2011 Silverado 2500| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-1.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Driver Side Conversion| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-2.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Side of the truck| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-3.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Inside| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-4.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Removable Seats| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-6.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Interior lift all the way down| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-7.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Ryno :: Interior lift swinging into the cab| size=|561 350| album=|ryno|}images/stories/ryno/fgallery1-8.jpg{/rokbox}{/tabs}


{tab=Description}This incredible product lifts your unoccupied manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair from the front door of your pickup truck and stores it in the bed for transport, all at the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button on the hand-held pendant, and let your Out-Rider do the heavy lifting for you!

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  • Available for passenger or driver side of pickup truck
  • Safe/Reliable – lifecycle and strength tested beyond industry standards
  • No structural modifications to your truck – can be easily removed for resale
  • Can reinstall in your next pickup
  • No bed cover required – Out-Rider� lift is designed to withstand outdoor elements
  • Fully Powered – Makes lifting and storing your manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair in the bed of your pickup truck virtually effortless
  • Outer Arm Design – A variety of outer arms are available to accommodate different length cabs so that you can drop your mobility device close to the front door

{tab=Photos}{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Turney Seat and PUL-1100| size=|561 350| album=|brunotruck|}images/stories/brunotruck/2679967-bruno-pul-1100-out-rider-wheelchair-lift-scooter-lift-passenger-side-mounting.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Turney Seat and PUL-1100| size=|561 350| album=|brunotruck|}images/stories/brunotruck/2679967-bruno-pul-1100-out-rider-wheelchair-lift-scooter-lift-passenger-side-with-turny-orbit-seat.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Turney Seat and PUL-1100| size=|561 350| album=|brunotruck|}images/stories/brunotruck/out-rider.jpg{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Bruno :: Turney Seat and PUL-1100| size=|561 350| album=|brunotruck|}images/stories/brunotruck/pul1100.jpg{/rokbox}{tab=Videos}

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