The Bates’ Story

//The Bates’ Story

The Bates’ Story

No one ever thinks that they will be in the market to buy a wheelchair accessible van. When you find yourself in this type of automobile market, it is most likely because of a catatrosphic event. My family is no exception. My husband was in a motorcycle accident in November of 2011 and I found myself facing a multitude of questions and obstacles, one of which was, “How is our family going to get around?”

With my husband in the three different hospitals in a seven month period, figuring out finances, and raising three young children, the idea of researching the appropriate van for my husband was completely overwhelming. How fortunate I was to find myself on the doorstep of GoldenBoy Mobility.

Once my husband landed back in San Diego at the VA Spinal Cord Center, I was led to the Prostethics Department. There I was given my options for wheelchair accessible vans and giving a list of dealers in San Diego. I decided to head to GoldenBoy Mobility right away since they are close to home.

As soon as I entered and spoke with Ken, I knew that he had my best interests at heart and wouldn’t lead me astray. At that point, we thought that my husband would be home in a week or so, and with that time restraint, Ken had a 2011 Chrysler El Dorado converted van ready to go.

Since the purchase of our van, I have continued to have a relationship with GoldenBoy Mobiltiy. They have helped me add a few features and I will soon return to their establishment to discuss options for modifying our family RV so that my husband and our family can continue the active life that we desire.

I highly recommend GoldenBoy Mobility to anyone in the market for this type of customized vehicle.

-Christine and Mike Bates

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