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You have increased your mobility through the use of a scooter or chair. Now, take your mobility one step further. The addition of a lift to your vehicle can provide you with the freedom to go where you want to go.

A vehicle lift can be a cost effective way of transforming your vehicle into the mobility carrier that suits your needs. A lift will provide you with the ability to transport your scooter or chair with ease.

When finding a lift, there are many factors involved when deciding the type, make, and model lift that is right for your needs. Below are just a few:

  • Interior or exterior
  • Platform or hoist
  • Make, model, year of your vehicle
  • Can your vehicle support the lift you need?
  • Scooter or chair (power or manual)
  • Make, model, and weight of your chair or scooter

Choosing the right mobility equipment is extremely important.
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