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Lift and seating options

  • Available for passenger or driver side of pickup truck
  • Safe/Reliable – lifecycle and strength tested beyond industry standards
  • No structural modifications to your truck – can be easily removed for resale
  • Can reinstall in your next pickup
  • No bed cover required – Out-Rider® lift is designed to withstand outdoor elements
  • Fully Powered – Makes lifting and storing your manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair in the bed of your pickup truck virtually effortless
  • Outer Arm Design – A variety of outer arms are available to accommodate different length cabs so that you can drop your mobility device close to the front door



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Product Description

From the front seat of your truck, connect the Out-Rider’s docking device to your mobility device, press the button to lift and rotate your manual wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed — you’re ready to hit the road. Combine the lift with a Bruno seating solution such as a valet seat or stow away to make it even easier to get in and out of your truck.

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