Dodge Caravan

Dodge Caravan



Year in and year out the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country continue to be solid and economical vehicles. AutoAbility is proud to offer the Dodge and Chrysler in both long and short-cut models and with power and manual conversions.

Short cut

The short cut conversion offers a factory send row that seats 3. This allows 5 ambulatory passengers and one wheel chair user easy entry and access in and out of the vehicle.

Long cut

The long cut conversion allows the wheelchair user to sit either in the middle row or rear of the van. Depending on the type of chair it may also provide the opportunity to transport two wheelchair users.


There are multiple different seating options when choosing a rear entry mini van. Flip up seats that fold out of the way when not in use, a rear flip up bench and factory mid row seating.

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Product Description

A Rear entry conversion allows you the convenience of parking anywhere, even in tight or non-handicap accessible parking spots. A rear entry conversion also allows for additional possible seat configurations. They are commonly used in commercial and ADA compliant applications such as taxi and transportation companies.
A rear entry conversion brings you the ultimate in wheelchair and handicapped accessible van and vehicle convenience. Simply press the button and the vans rear hatch opens, the wheelchair ramp folds down, and the entire van “kneels” to the ground. This decreases the incline of the ramp, with the rear entry design, there is minimal ground clearance reduction.
Options: Rear entry vans are available with
A. Power or manual ramps configurations.
B. Long or short cut options

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