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Ron’s Story

My name is Ron.  I have been married to my lovely wife Lynne for forty-one glorious years.  In February, she was hospitalized.  I wanted to be at her side to show her how much I loved her and let her know I was there to support her just as she has supported me throughout the almost fifty years we have known each other.  Unfortunately, this was no easy task.  I attempted multiple times, leaving me sitting in the grass in the hospital parking lot waiting for someone to help me get up and assist me inside.  By the time I arrived to her bedside, I was often so exhausted that I was not much for words or comforting. The visits became fewer as I realized the challenge I had to face each time.  Can you imagine what it felt like to feel helpless and unable to go visit the woman you love?

If I tell you a little about myself, it may help to paint that picture.  Lynn and I have always been a very active couple.  Lynn and I love to travel, enjoy good food, and attend local events, fairs, concerts and gun shows.  My profession(s) demanded that that I be in the utmost physical condition.  During Vietnam I served as a Navy Seal.  After leaving the Navy, I served as a Police Officer in Los Angeles until I was shot in the line of duty.  Unwilling to let that keep me down I worked multiple jobs including working in a factory until a 400lb barrel fell on me forcing me to retire.

Although proud of my background, I have been extremely humbled by the experiences in my life.  As a Silver and Bronze Star award recipient, I often thought about the adversity that my shipmates and I were able to overcome together.  As a Police Officer, I knew what it meant to protect and serve.  As a husband I knew how to care and support.  I knew what it was like to endure hardship and be mentally and physically tough.  However, never before had I faced something as difficult as this.

February Lynne was released from the hospital.  I was torn apart inside from being unable to be there for my wife like I wanted to.  That day I vowed to never let that happen again.  I had to swallow my pride and decided to purchase a mobility device to help me get around.  I called GoldenBoy Mobility.  That day I purchased a scooter and a lift for my car.  In reality, I bought my freedom.

I am able to do the things I slowly gave up on doing, because they were just too difficult.  I am able to travel with my beautiful wife and take her out to enjoy great food.  I just wish I would have made this decision five years earlier!

When I was looking for a mobility company, I was looking for someone that was very knowledgeable, carried quality products, and took care of me.  My staff at GoldenBoy made my wife and I feel like extended family.  They treated me with respect and courtesy.  They listened to my needs and they were extremely helpful in informing me of my options.  They allowed me to make an informed decision on what was best for me.  They weren’t pushy salesmen; they truly cared about helping me find what was right for me.  In fact, they bent over backwards to help me with other things for my vehicle.

I live over an hour away and I will happily make the drive to continue the relationship we have built.  GoldenBoy has been great to my wife and I. They have helped me to Live the life I want to Live.

Thank you GoldenBoy!


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